TigerView by Auburn University

Privacy Policy

This app is aimed at those over the age of 13. Therefore, children under the age of 13 may only use TigerView with parent/guardian supervision, and their name and email address must not be entered in the "sign up for updates" form.

  1. Data Collected

    TigerView includes measuring tools provided by Google. We want to learn how you use the app so we can improve it in future updates, and better tailor content to our users. Data collected includes statistics on page views. The data collected is seen only by Auburn University and its developer partner(s), and is stored within the Google Analytics system. Data is encrypted in transit and is anonymous. Neither your name, email address, nor any other personal information will be linked to analytics data.

    You may also personalize TigerView by entering your name, email address, and (optionally) year of graduation by Auburn University. By doing so, you are opting in to receive occasional email updates about TigerView and Auburn University programs, events, and giving opportunities. You may opt out of these messages at any time by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of any message, or by emailing your request to [email protected] Personalization is optional. Data submitted through the Personalize It form is securely and privately stored by our email service provider.

    Any data collected will never be rented, sold, or otherwise given to third parties without the express consent of Auburn University, and any messages sent to you if you have opted in will be created and sent by Auburn University and its authorized agents/service providers only.

  2. Image Recognition and Geolocation Features

    At this time, TigerView does not use geolocation to provide Augmented Reality experiences. Should such features be enabled, they will be listed in the changelog of the app. Both images and geolocation data (should such features ever be enabled) are only collected while on the viewer screen (after tapping View Now), and do not continue to be collected after tapping Exit Viewer. Images and/or geolocation data are collected solely to facilitate the Augmented Reality experience, and are not retained or stored on your device or by any third party.

    Because TigerView utilizes a cloud service to enable faster processing of images, your camera's view will be transmitted every two seconds to the secure server of our AR service provider while you are using the viewer. Our service provider does not retain images, and uses them only to match against target images and send your device a signal if one is recognized.

  3. Using TigerView

    By using TigerView, you acknowledge that anonymous statistical data on how you use the app will be collected and transmitted, and consent to this collection. You also agree to receive occasional emails from Auburn University if, and only if, you opt-in on the Personalize It screen.

  4. Developer

    TigerView is developed and maintained by McNutt & Company, LLC on behalf of Auburn University. You may contact the developer with questions or concerns about the app, including data usage, by emailing [email protected]

  5. Governing Law and Changes

    This policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Alabama. The latest version of this policy, including any changes, can be found at http://www.tigerviewapp.com by clicking the Privacy Policy link at the bottom.

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